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Inspiring Testimonials: Hear What Clients Are Saying About Bella Love

Read the heartfelt testimonials from our valued clients who have experienced remarkable transformations and witness the positive influence a psychic medium and spiritual advisor can have on your life.

Thank you Bella. I really appreciate your insights, and will heed your comments - lovely to 'meet' you - you have a very sweet energy about you. Love from Australia, Jaya


Absolutely amazing. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything and tells it how it is. She also doesn’t get upset at the fact that you ask about your POI many times which I like that about her some people get upset that you’ve already asked and they don’t want you to continually ask about them.


You are REMARKABLE! Unspeakably grateful for your insight and ability to communicate so effectively. You are a blessing. I’m sure I’ll reach out again. Thank you!!


One amazingly gifted woman!!! Wow super super accurate in every area!!! My nick name i call her is the turtle because she always never wants to break out of that shell due to her husband. You hit everything right on the money!! Super spot on:)!!!! Thank you again!!!!


Bella AMAZES me every time! She picks up on even the little things I don’t even share with her. I absolutely love her delivery. I feel she speaks my language and can relay her intuitions to where I find myself laughing and also comforting at the same time. She is 100% all the time and always makes me feel better and gives amazing guidance with the reason why. I can’t thank her enough. If you’re looking for clarity and/or guidance I highly recommend Bella Love! Thank you Bella.


Thank you so Much Bella! You always could see what I couldn't and I appreciate you for your time and effort in giving me all the clarity I've needed! You are one of thee Best! And I'll always recommend you to others!


I just love Bella!!! She has helped me so much in the past 3-4 years that I’ve been getting readings with her. She still amazes me with how spot on she is about things. I love even more that in this reading she told me things that were on my mind but I didn’t even ask for. Thank you so much!!!! Love you Bella!!!


I’m so grateful for Bella. She has been on this Journey with me for so long and never steered me wrong. She has been 100% accurate and always helped me thru the hard times. She really is compassionate and cares and won’t ever give you false hope. Tells you how she sees things and overall leaves you with a sense of clarity and direction. Thank you so much, Bella! I can’t wait to give you updates.

Previous Client

This reading was just as perfect as my previous readings. She is amazing and definitely my go-to psychic medium. She connects beautifully with my deceased brother. This is the third time and she is great.


Bella is so kind. She managed to deliver the message straight to the point in a very sensible manner. She is accurate and picked up on something that I recently noticed as well. Definitely worth going to her as she's phenomenal. She probably saved me from making a mistake as well.


Bella is a true advisor that is very connected with the spiritual world. I get so impressed every time I talk to her because she can read inside of me, and she knows and sees things that I obviously never told anyone! She's very accurate, consistent, and always truthful. The best part of Bella's session is that she guides you through the problems if she sees any, which leads me to think that she's a very blessed human being, and I am so grateful I got to discover her. Thank you, Bella."

​"Love, love, love this woman! She has helped me soo much with my situation! She keeps me level-headed and grounded and doesn’t sugarcoat anything (which I appreciate). Sometimes it’s hard to hear what she has to say, but Bella has never misled me, and all her predictions have come to pass! She’s amazing!

Previous Client

Bella Love is one of my most favorite go psychic mediums. I love when clarity is given in such a non judgmental way. She has empathy and compassion in all of her readings. I will continue to receive my readings from her.

DeeDee Medina

Very accurate! Always enjoy our chats, very compassionate and kind but no sugar coating. Predictions have come thru in the past many times


I just had my third of fourth reading with Bella and once again, gave me clarity she is very passionate emotional with her readings and has given me truthful answers, in things going on in my relationship and person I will definitely call her back for clarity in my future.


So, I'm still in shock... EVERYTHING she said the last reading has come to pass, the level of accuracy is unbelievable. I've been coming to Bella for a year now and she has never sugarcoated anything, pointed in the right direction every single time. I can't thank her enough and trust her blindly.


Thank you so very much for the brutal honesty and kindness you showed me. You were able to describe the POI to a T without me feeding you the details along with describing me as well. I was stunned but your reading is the push I needed to prepare for what's to come. I will come again for another reading.


You are absolutely amazing dear friend. I know sometimes its hard to hear the truth. But when I will look back may be I will understand. You guided me like a sister. I will try to stay positive in every situation. Thank you for everything.


No words describe the relationship and trust I built with Bella. Bella has become a significant and important part of my life, and I'm grateful for her and her upfront approach. She has never steered me wrong and has always been honest, even when it was hard to hear. She's helped me in many ways, and I am grateful this platform connected us. We speak regularly, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for honest, transparent, and unbiased guidance. Bella has confidence in her that she is engaging and attractive. Her accuracy level is truly remarkable and a gift, to say the least."

Previous Client

Like I don’t know what to say. This women is amazing at what she does. She tells you how it is and although she doesn’t sugar coat she also shows compassion. She doesn’t judge you at all or your situation.


Hands down always amazing I highly recommend she's always spot on.


Always has my best interest at heart. Knows how to deliver with honesty and compassion at the same time. Thank you!


This is my third reading with Bella and she usually gives me the most information in a short amount of time. She first gives you the answer based on what she’s feeling from the current energies and then she looks into the cards for confirmation and to see if she can get more messages. Sometimes she gets all the answers from simultaneously shuffling the tarot and based on what she’s feeling. This reading was my favorite; however, not only because it was positive but more so because Bella always has a gentle delivery, she was glowing probably because she could feel the positive energy surrounding the reading and that she always tells the truth that you need to hear for your highest good. I guess that’s all we can really ask for. One of the best readers on purple ocean. I’d definitely recommend.


Bella is the best, the G.O.A.T! She makes me laugh because I know I can be a nut job and overthink things sometimes! This was my 3rd reading about my person of interest. (I had a previous reading about another person of interest over a year ago and she was 100% right.) Her style of reading is empathetic and compassionate and her showing the cards confirms her clairvoyance which provides me clarity and guidance. I am learning patience and trying to not overthink. Thanks Bella!


Very good reading. Well connected and insightful. Compassionate but honest. Highly recommend.


Advice was relevant to my situation and I feel like it has given me a little more peace of mind! She was very spot on about certain things and I feel like she would be a great guide for future questions and help with any concerns or challenges that I may be facing in the future! Loved this reading and plan on returning to her as soon as possible! Thank you so very much for your support and guidance!


Thank you Bella for your honesty, insight and guidance. I appreciate it very much. Your connection is true to my journey in life. I will stay in faith. You have a kind heart and compassionate soul to help others with your gifts on their journey in life. Blessings to you. Thank you.


Bella was Very on point with my reading and was accurate to my situation. she won’t lie to you, order for the truth…


Thank you for the reading! From what you said, it seems spot on. It’s very hard to hear but I truly needed the truth in order to move on and my gut was telling me all of this in a way but I needed an unbiased, extra level of guidance that you provided so I am very appreciative. Thank you again.


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